Storytelling Ideas

Stone Soup

Many churches and other organizations take advantage of Super Bowl Sunday to collect food and money for the needy. This often takes the form of a “Souper Bowl” Sunday where cans of soup are gathered or money is put in a big soup pot. Why not expand on this idea by adding a story element?

The story? Why, “Stone Soup” of course!

Encourage your group to each bring an ingredient to add to the pot, in stone soup fashion. Serve a simple meal, with the “stone soup” being the main feature. Take up an offering, or charge a certain amount at the door, and donate the proceeds to your favorite charity (the tsunami victims would be an excellent choice this year). Have someone tell “Stone Soup” and perhaps other stories emphasizing the theme of “the whole community pitching in to benefit everyone” could be shared as well.

“Stone Soup” can be found at Feel free to adapt it to better suit your specific community.

Happy Souper Bowl Sunday!