Biblical Storytelling: An Approach to Christian Education
Need new resources for your church’s Christian Education program? How about the Bible? See the Word through new eyes and learn ways to present it in an unforgettable way.

MULLing the Biblical Text
Learn the nuts and bolts of narrative analysis and story internalization using the easy-to-remember acronym MULL.

Your Lips Say No, No, No but There’s Yes,Yes,Yes in Your Eyes
Communication is more than just written or spoken words. What is your body language saying? Are your stories conveying the proper emotions and attitudes or is your nonverbal communication creating mixed messages?

Making the Connection
Stories are perhaps the best tool for bridging gaps and linking us with other human beings. In this age of techno-communication we need more than ever to intentionally “make the connection” with other living, breathing people. Our souls depend on it.

From Text to Talkies:
Oral Communication for a Wired World

The experiential world of narrative communication fits quite naturally into today’s digital culture.This workshop will explore and model ways to combine the effective use of good, old-fashioned storytelling with high-tech communication. Useful for worship, education, and evangelism.

Taking a Deeper Dive
Want a more meaningful devotional life? Concentrating on a specific Bible story you will learn tools for exploring below the surface and thus experience the deeper messages behind the stories of the Bible.

New, New Ways to Tell the Old, Old Story
Just telling the story usually does the job but occasionally situations call for a bit more. Learn a variety of ways to share your stories. A favorite with educators, librarians, parents, and grandparents.