Tracy is a dynamic, energetic, internationally-acclaimed storyteller, educator, and retreat facilitator. Since 1991 she has traveled all over the United States, as well as to several foreign countries, bringing her special brand of humor, insight, and faith to audiences of all ages through the power of narrative.

Tracy has performed for schools, libraries, and various civic groups over the years. She has a wide range of story genres that she shares—historical, humorous, fantasy, folk, poetic, personal. She particularly enjoys telling stories that provide food for thought, encouraging her listeners to look at usual occurrences in unusual ways.

Tracy’s favorite stories, however, are biblical. In fact, the vast majority of her work comes through churches and religious organizations. Working across denominational lines, Tracy puts to good use the extensive training she received while working as a Director of Christian Education at First United Methodist Church in Cherryville, NC, as an adjunct professor at East Tennessee State University, as Artist-in-Resident at Mt. Vernon Place United Methodist Church in Baltimore, MD, as well as from her various degrees (Bachelor of Arts from Grove City College, Grove City, PA—double major in Elementary Education and Christian Ministries; Master of Religious Education from Duke Divinity School, Durham, NC; Master of Arts in Storytelling from East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN; Doctor of Ministry—focusing on Spirituality for Life Together with a special emphasis on Digital Storytelling—from Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC).

In fact, it’s this breadth of experience that has helped to shape Tracy’s greatest strength: she’s a generalist, rather than a specialist! Equally effective with preschoolers as senior citizens, with adolescent boys as middle-aged women, with public high schools as intergenerational church groups, Tracy is able to tailor her programs appropriately to meet each group’s specific needs. Indeed, it’s her bent toward being a “perpetual student” that allows her to keep abreast of new educational methods and tools for presenting her material in a way that engages as many learning styles as possible. And she finds herself continually learning from her students in her current adjunct work at the Ecumenical Institute of Theology in Baltimore and Wesley Theological Seminary.

Tracy hails from Canton, Ohio but currently lives in Baltimore, MD. She is a member of the National Storytelling Network and the Network of Biblical Storytellers (NBS). She is a former NBS Board member, served for seven years as the Coordinator of their annual Festival Gathering, was the editor of their bi-monthly newsletter The Biblical Storyteller for eight years, and is now the Dean of the Academy for Biblical Storytellers. In her spare time (miniscule as it is!) she enjoys volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, photography, watching (particularly independent) movies, scrapbooking, playing her accordion, rollerblading, trips to the ocean, hanging out with her friends, and going barefoot.